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Gift wrap

Adding gift wrap to your order will make your purchase extra special.

There are two options for gift wrap – Christmas gift wrap and other occasion gift wrap. Being eco friendly and using no plastic is very important at Drawn by Rhiannon. All the elements used in these wrapping options are either recyclable or reusable and there’s no plastic to be seen!


If you select the Christmas gift wrap option, this is how your item will be wrapped. It features Christmas print kraft paper tied together with red twine and finished off with a festive cinnamon stick and jingle bell. A hand written charity Christmas card will be included so please leave your gift message at checkout. (If you would like to know which charities are being supported this year please get in touch.) Your order can then either be sent to you or it can be delivered directly to the recipient. Just type in whichever address you would like it sending to at checkout.

Other occasions

If your order is for a birthday gift, an anniversary present, a well done surprise or any other occasion, this is the option to choose. Your item will be wrapped in blue kraft paper and tied together with blue polka dot ribbon. A hand written note card will be included so please leave your gift message at checkout. Your order can then either be sent to you or it can be delivered directly to the recipient. Just type in whichever address you would like it sending to at checkout.

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Cucumber the rabbit print: from drawing to final design

Have you read the blog post about the inspiration behind my latest animal print? If not, take a look at it here.


One of the best things about designing your own fabrics is that you can draw anything you want. My pet rabbit is so fabulous that I thought she deserved her own rabbit print. She’s not your typical looking rabbit, more just a ball of fluff with ears. As adorable as this is, it makes her super tricky to draw! I chose three of her favourite positions to draw her in to give an idea of her character.

She likes to stand on her back legs to investigate things like a meerkat

I wanted to get across the fluffy texture of her fur so I decided to work in bold line work. I started with a pencil sketch to get the basic outline and an idea of where the fur ruffles were. Once I was happy with that, I went over the lines with a fine liner pen.

Her sitting pose is the most common pose she strikes

I found her face quite tricky to draw as there is so much fluff that a lot of her features get lost. The photo of her that I was drawing from here didn’t have her left eye in as it was hidden by fur. She does have two eyes!

She likes to lie down when she’s feeling very relaxed

Digitising the drawings

With all the sketches completed, it was time to scan them in to the computer for digital manipulation. The good thing about drawing with fine liner pens is that they show up well when scanned in. The sketches took very little cleaning up so I could move on to the colouring.

The colouring in was definitely the hardest part of the whole process. Her fur is bright white so it was very difficult to create any definition and depth with the colour. I tossed up between keeping the whole image light or having dark lines to define it more. In the end I decided to use darker lines to prevent the outline from getting lost.

On to the designing

When it came to arranging the design, I knew I wanted it to be a random scatter repeat. After lots of layers and nudging rabbits a millimetre here and there, the layout was finalised.

The finished rabbit print design with a white background

The design ended up being more cartoony than I envisaged which took a different turn from my other recent designs. I liked the simplicity of the monochrome rabbit print on a white background but I didn’t think this would translate well on to fabric.

Rabbit print with blue background
Rabbit print with blue polka dot background

My first thought was to contrast the white rabbits with a blue background. As you can probably tell from my print designs, I really like blue. There’s something very classic about blue and white together and I think this colour combination would work better for fabric printing.

Rabbit print with pink background

I don’t often use pink in my designs as I’m not a big pink fan. However I thought the pink worked well with the white for a soft girly design.

I was pleased with the final rabbit print design so it went in to production! You can find the mini lionhead rabbit design on reusable makeup remover wipes pictured above and on a coin purse with the blue background.

What do you think of the rabbit print? What other pet animals would you like me to make in to a print design? Let me know by commenting below!

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Packaging design – pretty and easy on the environment

Drawn by Rhiannon packaging

Being kind to the environment is very important to me. Because of this I have recently overhauled my packaging to make it more eco-friendly.

If you’re treating yourself to something, it’s even nicer if it arrives in pretty packaging. This is something that I was really focused on when I started the business. I wanted packaging that was pretty and matched my branding too. I chose to wrap orders in blue tissue paper and then layer over the top with polka dot cellophane.

Tissue paper and cellophane packaging
The polka dot cellophane helped orders to match my branding but it can’t be recycled

I loved the effect this created as it felt like you were unwrapping a present when it arrived. So many customers commented on how much they loved it which was great, but the use of cellophane bugged me as it just ends up in the bin.

Blue polka dot packaging mailing bags
I was really excited when I found mailing bags that matched my branding

I also chose to use blue polka dot mailing bags. They’re so much more exciting to receive than a brown jiffy bag and they can be recycled with plastic carrier bags at supermarkets.
However, I discovered that many customers didn’t have easy access to plastic bag recycling points so the mailing bags were also ending up in the bin.

That is a lot of plastic being wasted!

Time for a change

As lovely as the order looked, I wasn’t happy with the environmental impact of the packaging. The first thing that had to go was the cellophane. I wanted to keep the polka dot effect this gave but in a more eco-friendly way.

Blue polka dot paper bags for packaging
The blue polka dot paper bags are spot on!

When I found these blue polka dot paper bags I was so chuffed! They fit the bill perfectly as they match my branding and they’re still pretty to feel like a treat. Unfortunately they only make these in small sizes so the makeup bags, aprons and beeswax wraps still need something to be wrapped in.

Blue polka dot paper packaging
Lovely blue polka dot paper

After a lot of searching, I finally managed to find some blue polka dot wrapping paper that was recyclable. It looks so lovely but due to costs, it’s not feasible to use as every day packaging.

Wrap it up

Gift wrap option
Choose the gift wrap option at checkout for a special treat!

It is however perfect for using for gift wrap! Check out the video below to see how your order will arrive if you select the gift wrap option at checkout.

This may change slightly throughout the year due to availability, and in December your gift wrap order will be wrapped in Christmas paper!

Christmas gift wrap option
In December you can choose to have your order wrapped in Christmas paper

After a lot of research and consideration, I decided to simply wrap the larger items in tissue paper. Tissue paper is made from 100% recycled paper. There is some discussion over whether it can be recycled again, but it can definitely be reused to wrap your own gifts, or it can be composted.

Tissue paper packaging
Simple tissue paper seems to be the best option for larger items

I’ve also swapped the mailing bags for cardboard mailing boxes which can be recycled at home.

I’m always on the look out for more ways to be eco-friendly so if you have any further suggestions on how to improve my packaging, please let me know by commenting below.