Drawn by Rhiannon is now on YouTube!

If you’ve been wondering why the blog has gone quiet that’s because Drawn by Rhiannon is now on YouTube! Some things can be difficult to get across through words and pictures alone which is why videos can be really helpful.

Click the photo below to head over there. It would be super lovely if you could subscribe to the channel while you’re there!

Drawn by Rhiannon is now on YouTube!

Behind the scenes on YouTube

If you follow Drawn by Rhiannon on Instagram you may have already seen some behind the scenes snippets on stories. However with the time limit on social media stories it can be difficult to show you certain things or explain processes well, which is why YouTube videos will be so useful!

How-to videos

If you’ve ever wondered how to draw or sew then I’m here to help! I’ll be filming drawing and print designing videos, as well as step by step sewing tutorials. I try to make these tutorials as simple and well explained as possible so you don’t need to have any previous experience to follow along.

Product spotlight

Sometimes 2D photos don’t show enough detail of the products which is why I’m introducing a range of product spotlight videos! These short films will show you the products from all angles, and I’ll talk you through the features and benefits of them. This is particularly useful for the reusable items which are often new to people so require more explanation.

If you have any questions about the YouTube channel, or if you’d like to submit a video idea, click here.

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