Drawn by Rhiannon

Keep your beauty essentials safe in your handbag with the Persian cat wash bag. Hand drawn and designed by Rhiannon, this unique cat print fabric cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Ideal for a crazy cat lady gift or keep the animal makeup bag for yourself.

"I've always thought Persian cats are brilliant; their little moustaches are so cute! I decided it was about time I made a cat print so of course I had to go with the lovely little Persians. I sketched up different cats and chose my favourite to develop digitally. To portray their lovely soft fur, I decided to draw each strand individually - very time consuming but I think the end result was worth it!"

• Designed, printed and sewn in the UK
• Water resistant fabric
• Approx 22cm wide x 16cm tall x 6cm deep
• One of a kind design, not available anywhere else
• Zip fastening
• Printed with eco-friendly Digital Pigment inks



Cat wash bag

Drawn by Rhiannon
Drawn by Rhiannon
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Drawn by Rhiannon
Drawn by Rhiannon